Support For Christian Radio

Would you like to support NewSong FM? Do you have a favorite program you would like to support? Programs can be supported by individuals, groups, churches or businesses. Also, we offer the opportunity to have your church services broadcast on the radio. To find out more about the support plan, call the station at:  1 (506) 847-9600.

NewSong FM has a three part mission:

  • To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through its music & programs
  • To offer family oriented radio programming that will encourage, uplift and strengthen our community
  • To support unity within the body of Christ by making available a common domain for information exchange and corporate prayer

NewSong FM is a trans-denominational radio ministry, operating on faith and belief in God’s provision for our needs.

Write Us / Call Us

We can be reached at:



1 (506) 847-9600


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